Business Profile of Web Obsessed Melbourne

Whoever is found, sells! But that's not the only important thing: if you want to be close to the customers in your direct environment, then search engine optimization as an SEO measure is essential for Melbourne, for example.

Who we are

We see ourselves as an SEO agency for Melbourne and the region. This is only a small part of our entire service, but perhaps the most important one for you. But what is SEO and what does it have to do with Melbourne? SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Many companies are found by their customers online, and they use search engines to find the goods and services they need. In order for you to be on the shortlist, advertising aimed at customers is important. Even more important, however, is to pick up customers where they are trying to satisfy a need. That is why it is essential for a modern company to be as far ahead as possible in search results, preferably on the first page. This is done with the SEO measures for search engine optimization by our agency for Melbourne and the region. What is this Local SEO, and how does our agency near Melbourne help you here?

In addition to the specialization in search engine optimization (SEO), we see ourselves as an all-round web agency for the most important areas of online marketing. We offer services in the following areas:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Google Optimization for Better Rankings in Organic
Search Results (SERPs) Search Engine Marketing ( SEA, Google AdWords, Google Remarketing, Display Advertising)
E-Commerce (Shop Solutions)
Email Marketing (Newsletter)
Inbound Marketing / Automated Online Marketing
Social Media / Consulting and Realization
Production of Webvideos and Imagefilms

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
On- and off-page search engine optimization (SEO). We optimize your website to be loved by visitors and Google. We also provide the necessary links and online presence.

Search engine advertising (SEA) Google advertising
We create and manage your Google AdWords, Remarketing, Display & Video campaigns and evaluate them. We are also happy to set up conversion tracking for you.

Content Marketing, Web Design & Social Media
SEO and online marketing today demand good content. That is why we write, photograph, film and design for you. This keeps your website attractive and attracts new customers.

Be found locally - with SEO measures by our agency near OUR SERVICES

SEO Analysis: Our SEO analysis is comprehensive and profound. We identify vulnerabilities on your site and verify that common search engine optimization processes, requirements, and policies have been applied. We consider the following aspects:

•On-page analysis: Check your website for technical errors, optimization potential and visibility compared to your direct competitors
•Usability and Content Analysis: Examining your web content for scope and quality, keyword density, targeting, call-to-actions, image quality and more
•Offpage analysis: Analysis of backlinks, social signals and visibility in social media channels.

The result: An analysis report including interpretation of the determined key figures and individual recommendations for action. In addition, priorities are set and the resulting effort estimated.

Kick-off workshop: Based on your marketing goals, we formulate your SEO goals and SEO strategies together with you in the kick-off workshop and propose concrete on-page and off-page measures in the next step. What do you want to achieve?

•the regional increase of your brand awareness and visibility (Local SEO)?
•the optimization of the user experience through content marketing and storytelling?
•Increasing the online sales of your products and services?
•a better placement in business directories or special search engines?

SEO specialist workshops: Marketing managers need the operative equipment to implement concrete SEO measures. With our specialist workshops, we bring you up to date on the subject of SEO:

•Keyword research and optimization
•OnPage Optimization
•Offpage optimization and social media marketing
•Successful SEO with Content Marketing
•SEO-optimized texts
•Link building and link management

SEO controlling with monthly reports: Our SEO customers get an overview of the monthly SEO report:

•Key figures on the visibility of your website performance and central Google Analytics data
•Develop your most important keywords for your marketing goals
•necessary technical measures and their optimization progress
•the status of your website compared to direct competitors

Ongoing SEO support and advice: Search engine optimization is a medium to long-term process. On the basis of the monthly SEO report we advise and support you with:

ongoing onpage and offpage
optimizations at the directory and keyword level
to implement your content marketing strategy and content optimization

Sustainably invest in online visibility with SEO.

Your benefit: Regardless of whether you want to increase your brand awareness, generate leads or increase sales in your online shop: with SEO, you will ensure a sustainable, better ranking in organic search results, more traffic on your website and a lead over your competitors. Well-written texts and content relevant to the target group also increase the content quality of your website and thus ensure satisfaction and orientation for visitors and customers.

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